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Tax Planning

Our clients have a variety of tax concerns. For our business clients, we conduct a thorough analysis of the tax options and consequences associated with each choice of entity available (e.g. LLC, S-Corp., C-Corp., or sole proprietorship). We also work with CPAs and other tax professionals to ensure our clients continue to maximize their tax planning opportunities for the ongoing affairs of their business.

We educate our estate planning clients on approved techniques that may defer, reduce, or eliminate their transfer tax liability. Often, our discussions include the various pathways to make charitable contributions, the reasons for and against lifetime gifting, and methods for utilizing federal tax credits to preserve a family legacy. We use tax planning software to provide our clients with data on the cost and the benefits of each planning option so that our clients make informed decisions. We prepare and execute the appropriate documents necessary to accomplish our client’s tax planning objectives.

Our tax services also include representing clients with various tax controversies, including property tax issues and IRS examinations of Forms 706, 709, and 1041.


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