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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not limited to the wealthy. A comprehensive estate plan addresses issues relevant to all of us, such as planning for incapacity and identifying guardians for minor children. Spivack Law views estate planning as an opportunity to receive counsel on issues that matter to you. We engage our clients in a discussion about their unique needs and goals and offer sensible solutions rooted in years of experience.  We believe a proper estate plan requires your involvement and open communication. To that end, we prepare all estate plans at a flat fee. We do not want our clients to worry about hourly rates. Instead, we encourage clients to speak with our attorneys routinely to ensure we address the concerns of our clients.

For our clients with significant wealth, we offer tax planning services to address income tax and transfer tax concerns. We have years of experience devising and executing approved estate planning techniques to reduce, defer, and in some cases, eliminate potential tax liabilities. A list of some of our services and fees is below.


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