Trusted Counsel

Providing solutions without excessive formality or procedure.



Client Centered Approach

We make our clients the priority by committing to our principles:



  • Establish Trust. Brandon Spivack works directly with each client to build a relationship and earn their trust. 
  • Serve as a Resource. We use our experience, expertise, and professional resources to offer sensible solutions.
  • Always Advocate. Learn and protect the interests our clients with zeal and professionalism.
  • Be Responsive. Always address and respond to the questions and concerns of our clients in a timely manner.


  • Disclose Fees. We offer flat fees for many services. We also provide estimates for hourly fees with no adjustments to the estimated fee without first receiving client approval.
  • Provide Access. Our clients have access to their complete files online.
  • Encourage Communication. We believe that effective legal counsel requires open communication. Our billing practices do not punish clients for speaking with us. 
  • Status Updates. We provide our clients with expected timelines for their matters, as well as routine status updates.


  • Create Convenience. We offer virtual meetings and flexible hours to meet with clients.
  • Be Objective. We take the time to review the facts, learn the circumstances, and the goals of our clients before offering an objective assessment of their matter.
  • Payment Options. We allow clients to pay invoices online, using debit or credit card.
  • Safe Practices. We invest in current, secure technology to protect our clients’ data. We also consult with industry experts to ensure our office identifies and addresses new threats to our systems and procedures. 

Our Focus is You.

You may contact our office to learn more about the services we provide, billing practices, and availability.


Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an opportunity for a client to detail the management and care of the client and the client’s assets during his or her lifetime and at death.

Tax Planning

Tax planning requires a comprehensive review of income tax, transfer tax, and property tax issues involved with business succession planning, estate planning, and the administration of trusts and estates. 

Charitable Planning and Organizations

Clients with philanthropic goals have many opportunities to make charitable contributions, including lifetime gifting, legacy planning, and the establishment of charitable organizations.

Probate, Conservatorships
and Guardianships

The management of an individual’s care and assets will be subject to court oversight through a Probate, Conservatorship, or Guardianship proceeding if the individual does not have an effective estate plan.

Trust Administration

We help trustees fulfill their fiduciary obligations, as well as provide guidance for addressing challenging family dynamics and resolving otherwise unexpected issues arising during the administration.

Business Organizations

Placing your business in a position to be successful requires careful consideration of many issues, including choice of entity and tax elections. A successful business must also keep accurate records and comply with federal, state, and local reporting requirements.



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